Melissa's question in France

Food / Outdoor

Traveling to Paris, France first week in December and want info on everything to do, taste, experience on budget and wonder if anyone would like to be tour guide???

I dont live in Paris so can't be your guide but I can recommend hot chocolate at Angelinas which is on Rivoli, behind the Louvre. It will be especially good since it is cold there.
I also recommend taking a walk thru St Ouen flea market. Very picture worthy!
So nice of u, THANKS!!!
Walk along the river (not when it's dark). Go to the libraries and little bookshops!
I was there for a few days last year around the same period when you are intending to go. I rushed to go as many noteworthy places as possible. Visit the famous bookstore- Shakespeare & Company! It is also near to Notre Dame cathedral which is worth a visit. My friend who has just moved to France… 
Thank u so much for recommendations