Tara Urban-Engel's question in Czech Republic

Attraction / Outdoor

With 3 nights in Cesky Krumlov, would a day trip to Austria; in particular Vienna be worth it? Or would you stay in the Czech? Extending my time in Krumlov is an option as well I’m travelling solo, by mostly bus and train and some cab/ private transport if necessary

It's a fairly small town, so you can see it in just a couple of days. If you want to extend your time there or are done after one day, there's a really nice hike just outside the old town that takes you through the forest and gives you pretty views of the countryside! There's a cafe on the top so… 
And by private shuttle, I mean a private company. Not just you! Although when I took it, my travel partner and I were the only two on it both ways. Feel free to message me of you want more info. :)
I honestly enjoyed krumlov for the whole day, I think 3 days is too much. Linz i s a good option or instead of heading to Vienna, go see Hallstatt
I’m hoping to do some hiking in the area (if it’s warm enough by mid April). And checking out Ceske Budjevoice. Did you find much to do in Linz or Hallstatt?