Stefan Klopp's question in Canada

Food / Outdoor

Will be in tofino for 5 days and wondering what people's favorite things to do and favorite places to eat? Love being outside even if it's raining.

I liked Wildside Grill...a little burger shack in a small complex on the way into town. Shelter was good too.
Also enjoyed Rhino coffee house for a lunch. The doughnuts looked amazing and fresh... i didn't have any but lots of people were ordering them.
Tofino brewing was a cool spot to get a beer. Until they get there liquor license (later in 2017), you are limited to one pint per customer. Awesome place to go after surfing!
We will definitely be stocking up on beers at tofino brewing! Any idea when they are moving Michael?
Hey Stefan! Their location is not changing, they are just updating their liquor license. I hope that answers your question :)