Scott Brannon's question in Hong Kong


Hey travelstokers! So if I'm in Hong Kong, can someone tell me the best dishes to seek out!! Would love any advice!

You have to have dim sum in HK. Many restaurants serve it. Ask a local for best option in your area.
Any of the Maxim's restaurant franchise of dim sum would be good. Don't forget about the hard-crusted egg tarts as well.
Try the beef brisket rice noodle soup or a wonton egg noodle soup.
Go to temple st at night and try all the street food they have!
If you’re looking for something more local you should head to Luk Yu Tea House on Hong Kong Island. Atmosphere, food, interior, service, everything is so Chinese. And their dim sum is absolutely delicious.
You would need to stay in HKG for at least 6 months, if you wanted to try the best dishes. Get real and try reading a guide book, lol
Come on guidebook places have all the tourists. I want the inside info from expert travelers such as yourself. You live in Hong Kong and have been to 57 countries! Give me something!!
As I said, stay 6 months to try a small part of best dishes. What's your budget, what food like, what food abhor? Hk is a little more than your average burger joint back home.
Budget is anything but I want both fine dining and street food. I guess I want to know what are the famous dishes that Hong Kong is famous for or that they do best like Roasted Goose, or Fish Balls (And a place to eat them that's the best in town). Or just looking for some secrets from someone who… 
I am a little late to this conversation, but for noodles try Mak’s Noodle in Central or right across the street at Yuan Dumplings for dumplings.
Dim sum! Go to din tai fung- it’s famous and well priced. I also really enjoyed tokyolima