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I have a free afternoon in Laguna Beach. What should I do?

I also have a free afternoon in Laguna, do you want to meet up?
Check out the pirate tower or crescent bay. Both hidden gems ?!
Goff Island Cove is great! It's part of the beaches in front of the Montage. Also I always stop at the Chakra Shack when I'm in Laguna (if that's your sort of thing).
what is the Chakra shack!?
it's a store that sells metaphysical items such as crystals and offers readings. Laguna is rumored to be a powerful energy vortex so is a great spot for the store. It's located on PCH near Thalia St.
Sounds awesome ! we should check it out. Laura Bernhein you too!
We're at Las Brisas - come have some beers!
Come to Hennessy y'all alls!
we are going to vibe so hard at the Chakra Shop.
I second Crescent Bay... Beautiful!