Toronto, ON, Canada
Vincent Croos
I left my home in Canada. Spent 3 months in The Galapagos, including doing conservation volunteering and getting my diving certification. IG: vincecroos Check out my Galapagos video:
Giving Advice I'm currently trying to do more time-lapse videos. If you're interested in making some videos with me, then give me a shout. I can give advice on the Americas including The Galapagos, plus Iceland.
Hosting I'm homeless at the moment, but you can use my tent and laptop.
Meeting Up I'm always down to get a freshly squeezed maracuya or guava juice. If you need help on how to use a pro camera, just ask me. I can also help with your photo edits. Or you can just travel with me. I can't guarantee your survival but I can guarantee an adventure.
Interests animals, backpacking, diving, hockey, photography, snowboarding, street food, telling stories, travel
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