Voorhees, NJ, United States
Citizen of the World. Original Berner. 3rd Culture Kid. ❤✌?? ......Adult version 2022. Morocco and Andalucia June 2022 anyone!?
Giving Advice Philly, NJ, NY, Chicago, US in general...... Latin dancing...... Bernie2020 ✊ American sports and ⚽️,
Meeting Up I'm pretty much game for anything, outdoors, parks, museums, good coffee, beers, food, comedy club.... Let's get a group together and go out! I'm always up for communicating in other languages, even if I don't know them lol.
Interests adventure travel, adventures, animals, beer, culture, eating, globetrotting, making memories, nightlife, reading, running, skiing, soccer, street food, traveling
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