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Fernando Camargo
Don't dream your life. Live your dream. I'm living mine! A guy who loves traveling all over the world... There's something magical about the world "vacation" that fills us with exhilaration... that lightens our step and makes our heart leap... in giddy anticipation or perhaps fond memory. Simply stalked, we all love to travel. For when we embark upon a journey, we shake off that little part of us that's become a bit stale, and discover ourselves anew. Taking a vacation gives us that much needed break from routine – the opportunity to discover some distant land – and an intoxicating sense of freedom. It's no wonder most of us would rather have additional vacation days than an increase in pay! The best thing about a vacation is that you can make it into anything you choose. Your options are virtually limitless, as there are just as many reasons to travel as there are places to travel to. Perhaps you want to relax on a remote white-sand beach and get away from hectic pace of everyday life. You could be dreaming of an exotic excursion to a far off land in search of your inner self. How about taking an eco-tour to witness some of earth's rarest treasures first-hand? Or maybe you'd rather hit one of the world's cosmopolitan hot spots, shop 'til you drop and then paint the town red! Whatever you desire, the opportunity awaits you. I wish you happy travels!

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