Taipei, Taiwan
Barbara Morgan Chen
A city girl from the city of Taipei, Taiwan. I’ve traveled 42 countries and backpacked alone across continents starting age 15. I have an appetite for the world and a passion for people. Open minded, easygoing, and spontaneous. I’d love a late night conversation over hot… 
Giving Advice Love advice; life advice from a positive and youthful perspective; literature; philosophy; travel advice; investments; anything and everything I have the knowledge for I’m willing to share and to learn
Hosting I live in a shared flat in Paris where I can host, at most, 2 people (a bed shared moi and/or a sofa). I always have stories to tell. I have a lot to give and more to learn.
Meeting Up I’m very easygoing so I like to go with the flow. From the scale of chilling in a park picnicking to probably illegally skinny dipping in the Seine, I’m down for the full scale. I love a laidback evening, and I also love a challenge.
Interests adventures, business, cooking, debate, drawing, exploring, food, languages, literature, nightlife, people, philosophy, reading, road trips, shopping