Liberec, Czech Republic
I'm a Costa Rican born Englishman who revels in gastronomy, etymology and sojourns. I've lived abroad for well over a decade and believe in digesting a place as much as flying visits. My greatest jubilance of life is travel, and as a result my personal interests are ones… 
Giving Advice Currently, I am living in North Bohemia, the Czech Republic, whilst my permanent home is in South West England. I therefore make it my mission to suss out new hideouts, eateries and landmarks in the vicinity of where I reside. Of late, I have begun putting my energy into sighting places of Prague so that the traveller can be better informed; without getting hitched alongside those multifarious tourist traps the city is so renowned for! Respectively, I draw on both positive and negative accounts of localities in the hope readers can at least be made aware and consequently draw conclusions of their own.
Interests culture, food, food, language learning, languages, travel, travel writing
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