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I'm a Costa Rican born Englishman who revels in gastronomy, etymology and sojourns. I've lived abroad for well over a decade and believe in digesting a place as much as flying visits. My greatest jubilance of life is travel, and as a result my personal interests are ones which compliment this entrenched passion of mine. I dote upon seeing and experiencing everything from the fluorescent lights of Vegas and Singers to less trodden paths of the globe. Besides many others; Indonesia, California, China are particular places that invoke a deep feeling of nostalgia. Additionally--- I love watching cities wake up! As a Teacher of English I feel privileged that work opportunities have enabled me to move around the globe in the way I've wished. I have wined and dined in Michelin restaurants and yet been as content eating street food on plastic stools in Southeast Asia and Latin America. I've kipped outside airports and in hotel lobbies, slept on glaciers and gone off into the land of nod in luxury 5 star suites with duck feather pillows and eiderdown quilts. Hitherto my eclectic mix of tastes in all things earthly yield a plethora of ideas so that in turn I can scale more tantalizing regions of the globe to put into those wonderfully rich things we call words.

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