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I am an Englishman and gentleman by nature, although lived overseas for more than a decade now. In person, I think of myself as a flâneur and raconteur; one who also gains satisfaction from good relations and continuity. I am no charlatan but on balance a good listener contrary to my vichyssoise of verbiage. I am therefore an open-minded, adventuresome, genteel individual with a strong sense of compassion and courtesy. I gravitate to warm, open people, who have nothing to hide. My appearance is neat and tidy, tidy and neat and am therefore generally well-attired most days. I stand at an optimistic 5'7", of slim/medium build and make up the remaining foot with a strong personality. I actively partake in a plethora of pastimes with preferences for some more than others. I dote upon seeing and experiencing everything from fluorescent lights to less trodden paths of the globe. I love watching cities wake up! In conclusion, as a Teacher of English, teaching, learning and sharing are of great importance to me.

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