Laikipia Wilderness Camp
Tucked away in the sprawling wilderness of Laikipia, the second safari capital after Masai Mara, is a quaint riverfront camp lucky enough to have an excellent view of Mount Kenya. Laikipia Wilderness Camp has several designated fly-camping sites, each different from the other, with varying distances from the main camp. A walking safari (following a myriad of trails) will take you through almost all, stretched out on several nights, camping at a different site at each pitstop. For a single night experience, you can choose to leg it in an afternoon to reach the site at sunset. Alternatively, you can drive there with an en route game-viewing session. The set of the camp can either be on a raised deck (on stilts) overlooking the Ewaso Narok river. The ambiance of this setup is perfect for honeymooners, and families too. The other setup is a real throwback – a very lightweight camp with mosquito net tents, bedrolls made up with sheets and blankets, a short drop toilet, and a bucket shower. The dinner experience on both sets, cooked over an open fire, does not disappoint. A vibrant sunset awaits at any of these sites along with soothing drinks to usher in the calmness brought by the cover of darkness. The sight is gradually replaced by twinkling stars. The wildlife retreats deep into the plains, but once in a while, a leopard or lion will surface to quench thirst at the watering hole near the campsite. Guides stand guard overnight.
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