Sosian Game Ranch
#camping #hiking #hiddengem On yet another ranch within the Laikipia region, close to Ewaso Narok river, is Sosian Lodge. One of the oldest safari lodges in Kenya, it has seen a restoration phase and an expansion phase, but it still has that ranch feel to it. The breath-taking views of the endless plains form the backdrop of their fly camping sites, set out at various spots within an easy reach of between 5 -15KM from the main lodge. The distance was deliberate. This ease of access allows you to choose from a number of transportation modes; a leisurely walk to the site, a horse ride, a camel ride or a drive – adding to the fun! This slow-paced adventure starts at around 5.00 in the evening, after tea (after all, you need the energy) and culminates with a sundowner. When the time is right, a candlelit bush dinner is served. The camp is comfortable enough to give you a taste of a real camping life while squeezing in small luxuries here and there. The beds are raised – so you are not sleeping completely on the ground – with a bedroll in it complete with hot water bottles, sheets, blankets, and pillows! At your request, you can sleep out under the stars or watch them through a star-gazing roof in a dome tent. A guide watches over you throughout the night. Wake up to birds’ chattering as a hot cup of tea (or coffee) awaits right outside your tent, accompanied with biscuits. Afterward, make your way back to the lodge for a full breakfast.
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