Harkerville Coast Hiking Trail
The Harkerville two-day hiking route is not for the faint of heart. The rugged coast is untamed wilderness at its best with extreme technical sections that will challenge even the most experienced hikers - sections of steep climbs, descents down skree, boulder hopping, hanging from chains on sheer cliff walls, and walking over rickety old wooden bridges makes this an experience to remember not to mention the spectacular scenery. Over the course of two days you hike 27km through mountain forest, coastal thicket and rocky beach sections. At least you don't need to carry a tent with you as you can rest your tired body for the night in a rustic cabin with basic amenities with bunk beds, toilets and a fire place. #extreme #hiking #overnighthike #coastlinetreasures #southafrica #gardenroute
Posted by Chrissie Cloete
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