Czech Museum of Silver
It's quite easy to have your focus taken by the splendid churches and cathedrals in Kutna Hora. Conversely, the role and history of silver in town was equally as significant. During medieval times, silver mining played a huge part in the prosperity of the town and even funded the development and restoration of the iconic St. Barbara's Cathedral close by. At one point the silver here accounted for a third of the total silver production in Europe. The passages are narrow and if you have a tall, thick set, getting through - in parts - will be challenging! Being only interested in the underground tour, we joined the 90-minute tour halfway through. As a result, coughed up the price at a reduced entrance fee - 100 CZK each. Thereafter we embraced what those with claustrophobia would find a living hell – the tunnels under Kutna Hora itself. I was enthralled at how we popped out another side to where we entered. The tour is worth it if you wish to experience an alternative slice of history and town from a different angle. #mine #silver #activekids #kidslearning #familyfriendly #history
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