La Bottega
It's not easy to wander around central Valletta and miss La Bottega. Occupying an outstanding location on Merchant's Street, between Old Theatre and St Lucia's Streets, La Bottega will drag you through the doors before you know it. With slogans like "My demons can't swim in whiskey, but they sure try" and "You are the gin to my tonic" plastered over blackboards flanking the doors, you'll find yourself grinning all the way to the bar, where the charming bartenders will have you sipping on cocktails, beers or wine before you know it. Several tables and co-opted wine barrels outside are set up for some of Valletta's finest people-watching and, during Malta's famously warm summer days, catch an outstanding breeze blowing in from the Mediterranean. #valletta #malta #labottega #cocktails #happyhour
Posted by Harri Delf
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