Fremantle City, Australia
Harri Delf
✈ Quit my job to take a (very) long holiday ☼ East Africa ⧐ Central America ⧐ South America ✩ Brazil Find me on IG @harrionholiday
Giving Advice Travel in Australia & the UK (my home countries), East Africa (including Zanzibar), Central America (from Mexico to Panama with a special love for El Salvador) and the joys of travelling as a Vegetarian.
Meeting Up Talking all things travel, vegetarianism and politics, playing boardgames or cards, sharing a bottle of wine, relaxing on the beach - and all of them will involve me sharing too many photos of my house-bunny, Moosey.
Interests adventure travel, adventures, architecture, art, backpacking, books, camping, canoeing, coffee, cooking, culture, dancing, diving, drinking, exploring
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