Refugio Grey
After disembarking the ferry at Paine Grande, then hiking the trail above the shoreline of Lago Grey, spend your first night at Refugio Grey. The views of Lago Grey along the trail are spectacular - if you're lucky you might even see floating icebergs that have broken off Glacier Grey itself! The campsite is spacious and protected from the weather created by Glacier Grey, which is critical for a good night's sleep, and the kitchen is simple and functional. You can resupply from the on-site mini market which retails food, drinks and camping equipment. The lodge is wonderfully comfortable, offering a cosy lounge area, three-course meals and even a happy hour! Once settled in, if you've a little more energy left, take the 15-minute walk to the nearby Glacier Grey viewpoint. #chile #torresdelpaine #patagonia #wtrek #refugiogrey
Posted by Harri Delf
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