Yad Vashem
Yad Vashem is probably one of the most somber yet well organized Jewish museums you'll ever have the privilege of seeing. Dedicated to the memory of the expulsion of Jews in the Second World War you'll get detailed accounts through video interviews, plaques, photos, exhibits, audio and plenty more. It will undoubtedly move and involve you by drawing you close to every event on display. New IDF recruits dominated the exhibition floors when I was there among tourists from the world over. The museum is split into several parts with edifices depicting a triangle. Symbolizing half the Star of David, it marks how half the entire Jewish population were slaughtered during World War II. Whilst the museum will take you hours to merely brush across the surface, it guides you through what it has to offer in a logical and systematic manner. There are various vantage points from the circumference of this sizable museum overlooking pines. It is cushioned by Mount Herzl and can make for a pleasant respite for after your visit. Entrance is free but other tit-bits such as an audio guide, map etc. cost, and can be paid for at reception. #free #gallery #history
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