Out of the handful of Chinatowns I've had the fortune of visiting in my life I consider this the most varied. Coming here is an explosion of flavours, representing many regional foods throughout China. In less than seven blocks wide you can find everything from Shandong pancakes to Sichuanese style hotpot. Fish and seafood here are sublime. One dish I remember well was the raw crab drenched in soya sauce and seasoned with coriander and garlic; delish. Chinese immigrants, from mainly Wenzhou, began their integration here since the 1920's when they set up textile and leather shops. During World War 2 the latter grew in demand in order to supply belts and other accessories to the soldiers. From then on the district prospered resulting in a cornucopia of shops, handicraft stores and of course restaurants. As one of the most populated Chinese communities in Europe it should come as no surprise that authentic quality is a requisite. #chinatown #food #snack #fine-dining #burgers #dinner #shops #businesses
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