Rugova Canyon viewpoint
The Rugova Valley, a significant part of The Accursed Mountains in Kosovo, is a undervisted gem in Eastern Europe and thank God for that! The development in terms of chalets and hiking trails are minimal and besides some via ferratas around the entrance, one zip line and a Tibetan style bridge, the rest is rugged and wild. Some litter is dotted around from careless so-and-sos but the skies and jagged peaks easily take your attention away in a flash. There were no bear or wolf encounters on my visit, even though their tracks are found across the terrain. By sticking to marked trails you can bet your bucks you'll be out of harms way. If anything you're more likely encounter horseflies and rodents. Besides numerous waterfalls, wild flowers here are ubiquitous and hiking to the glacial lake of Drejlsko was sublime. There are buses which are few and far between which take you to the trail head but it's best hiring a guide or renting a car. Consequently, you can save yourself arduous walking for kilometres along the only decent paved road through the valley floor and immediately ascend into sheer beauty and tranquility. #lakes #glacier #waterfalls #hiking #camping #swimming #mountains #free
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