Harri Delf's experience in Bristol
Full Court Press
It's not possible to talk about the Bristol coffee scene and not make a shout out to Full Court Press. These guys are the true masters of the art and coffee enthusiasts could do no better than to spend some time here. Not only does this cafe earn the honours for appearing in Lonely Planet's "Global Coffee Tour", even more impressive is the article published in BBC Science Focus magazine, incorporating an interview with Mat North, owner of Full Court Press. These guys blend science with beans and roasting to offer customers the most refined and modern coffee experience. Here, as you order, you'll have the day's offerings explained to you by flavour and origin, with limited milk and sugar options to encourage the appreciation of the proper flavour profile. Serious business. Seriously tasty, too! #bristol #bristolcoffee #bristolcafe #bristolcoffeeshops #fcpcoffee
Posted by Harri Delf
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