Tsim Chai Kee Noodle Shop
Fresh shrimps are key to delicious wontons - a traditional dumpling wrapped with an extremely thin piece of flour, translucent when cooked. Wonton noodles is the Hong Kong counterpart to fast food. It is meant to be a quick, yet filling meal for those who were short on time. Head to Tsim Chai Kee for a bowl of wonton noodles. The one-bite wontons that still resemble the classic dish are made fresh every morning by its owners. The right way to eat wontons is to have a spoon-full of red vinegar next to you where you dip your wontons and noodles in right before you indulge into the bite. #lunch #hongkong #localfood #selftour #foodtour #food #wontons #seafood #noodles #foodgasm
Posted by Alison Fung
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