The Museum Center
The Museum Centre straddling the busy Neftchilar avenue has distinctively Soviet feel from the moment you enter. It was commissioned by the Soviets during the USSR and was used to promote Leninism in the 60's. The building contains four floors each dedicated to an area of history and hence offers four museums rolled into one. I made a beeline for the Museum of Independence given my love of history. A couple of attendants wait lackadaisically by the ticket counter of the third floor and greet me in English on arrival. The younger looking girl is quick to give me an introduction to the exhibits. Majoring in history, her knowledge is admirable. It was thoroughly enjoyable to bounce questions I had about modern history consolidating the scant knowledge I had on post Second World War events. I particularly took to the level of care and patience adopted by the representatives of this public attraction. The unobtrusive curiosity coupled with their compliments at speaking some local dialect was fitting to say the least. Entrance for the museum is priced at an affordable five manat (2.5 euros). Opening times: 9am - 5pm; seven days a week. Location: 123a Neftchilar Avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan #museum #kidslearning #history
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