St. Vitus Cathedral
During the first Sunday in April, the buildings of Prague Castle - including St. Vitus Cathedral - were free to enter and walk around. Given the immense queues on this day, from as early as half nine in the morning, the cathedral was my first and last port of call. The popularity of this key site came as no shock, but I was easily compensated for the 30 minute wait once inside. Elegant and striking are just a couple of adjectives I'd use to describe it. If I had time to kill and wanted to show someone around Prague, this would certainly be one of the places I'd take them. Shuffling through the sea of Chinese and Japanese is an experience to say the least. If you can numb yourself to what could look like human version of Tetris from the skies however, you'll be rewarded with exemplary architecture. To some surprise most of what you see of St. Vitus Cathedral was in fact constructed as early as the last century in spite of its somewhat older looking facade.
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