Art Club Restaurant
Art Club is more than simply a restaurant. Ceramics, brass urns and paintings are apparent adornments, all which constitute this tasteful establishment. The restaurant is placed in the old town and makes for a perfect stop between some sightseeing. I arrived for a light lunch and was greeted with clemency on arrival. The place was mostly empty at 12.30pm despite a large party of 15 in a sectioned off room. I opted for two starters, which were more than sufficient given the hearty breakfast I had just hours beforehand. The waiter, Jamal, approached me within moments of me being seated and explained volubly the range of dishes on offer. I chose the modestly priced, and very traditional, qutab at two manat (one pound in sterling). For those not familiar with this delicacy, it comprises of rolled dough cooked by grilling and filled with nuts or meat. Having ordered two, selected camel qutab and a chestnut qutab as a second choice. Given the popularity of nuts in Azerbaijan, I was elated at the prospect of trying one in a pancake. The pancakes were moist and filling well balanced with the thin convex shaped envelopes of dough. Like with many dishes throughout the country it was accompanied with yogurt and sprinkled with sumac. The other course of aubergine rolls filled with cottage cheese and walnuts were beautifully prepared. My only qualm, which was more my oversight, was the overdose on dishes with nuts. The rolls were heavier than I'd also anticipated and could be perfect as even a main. The marriage of flavours fluctuating between yogurts, nuts and fresh vegetables is a vegetarian's heaven. The total bill came to 19 manat - equivalent to eight pounds in sterling - easily ticking the good value for money box. Overall I can recommend Art Club. Bare in mind however that decor and service are the key attributes of this establishment. #art #fine-dining #service
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