Ocean Terminal Car Park
Many travelers and even locals make the mistake of choosing the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade to soak in the night view of the Hong Kong skyline. It’s very often crowded from day and night. And by the time when the tourists are gone by 10pm, travelers are left with an unlit skyline, which leaves an utter disappointment. Just further down the promenade, pass the Star Ferry Pier and through the Harbor City Shopping Center, is the Ocean Terminal, which gives a spectacular view of the skyline without the crowd. The top floor, accessible by escalators all day, is decked with seats and benches. Travelers can also stroll through the open-air parking lot, and admire close up views of the skyline across the harbor. It’s a popular spot for couples to stroll through after dinner dates. #hongkong #nightview #skyline #victoriahabor #night #nontouristy #todo #hongkongcity #hongkongview #tsimshatsui
Posted by Alison Fung
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