Tbilisi represents Georgian culture pretty well and if your only visit here is the capital then you'll still come away with a good impression of the country. My brief encounter involved weaving through narrow side streets either side of the Mtkvari river, through the centre of the urban living stacked up on either side of it. International restaurants are sprouting up all the time. Apart from the handful of Indians; you'll come across a plethora of local establishments, churches perched on cliff edges, bridges, cobbled stone streets and greenery. The double verandahs decorated with varying colours of wooden lacework is charming and sets the tone for the atmospheric energy of the old town and vibrancy of the adjoining suburbs. The Sameba Cathedral in the background of this photo from Avlabari district is one of the most iconic buildings of the city and ranks as one of the tallest and largest of its denomination globally. Whilst it was only constructed at the end of last century it borrows various styles typical of Georgian architecture. #history #architecture
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