The Beartooth Theatrepub
What could be better on a rainy Anchorage day than the cheap seats movie theatre? A cheap seats movie theatre that serves beer and food! Admission starts at just $4, but you can also get premium seating and private booths where you and your friends can really veg out for the show. The flicks rotate often and whoever chooses the lineup does a great job. The Beartooth is a great place to catch a live show so make sure and check who is coming to town during your stay. Food offerings include everything from traditional theatre fair to delicious pizzas, sandwiches, salads and appetizers to share. There is a proper bar next door if you feel like pregaming for the show or getting a nightcap after. Cold beer by the pitcher keeps your thirst quenched without having to miss the movie! Check it out if you are looking for a mellow evening around Anchorage. #livemusic #movie #cheap-eats #bar #beer #open-late
Posted by Frazier Garland
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