Laramie, WY, United States
Frazier Garland
Travel, outdoor adventure and photography are my passions. I frequently intertwine all three by buyin cheap one-way plane tickets to beautiful places. Next up: summer in Alaska guiding hiking trips from Kenai to Denali! I specialize in the Crown Jewel National Parks… 
Giving Advice I have been nomading in the Americas for 6 years and working seasonally as a naturalist guide in our beautiful National Parks. I especially love Yosemite and the wild parks in Alaska.
Hosting I live in my van, but I'm happy to help you out any way I can.
Meeting Up I enjoy climbing, biking, backcountry skiing, live music, brews, storytelling and beautiful views.
Interests adventure travel, adventures, architecture, art, backpacking, beer, biking, books, camping, climbing, cooking, cycling, diving, drinking, eating
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