Wee B's
This is a great place on the south side of Anchorage. It’s a pretty traditional looking burger and shake joint on the surface, but they serve up Alaskan size portions of all sorts of unusual offerings. The elk burger with onion rings is my go to, but I also love the bison burger. Their fresh cut and fresh fried french fry’s are downright delicious as a snack or as an entree with chili and cheese. I'll usually wait to order a milkshake until I'm sure I can handle it after a burger and side.  I like dining in the classic 1950’s fast food setting and playing a game or two of pinball while waiting for the food. They also have a driveway if you are too beat to get out of the car after epic adventures on the Kenai Peninsula. Wee B's is my go to spot for massive amounts of delicious calories! #cheap-eats #burgers #food #lunch
Posted by Frazier Garland
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