WooHoo! Ice cream
This little spot on Arctic Boulevard is run by the Woo family and I can say with certainty that they serve up the best ice cream I have found on The Last Frontier. They use only honey and/or maple syrup (flavor dependent) to sweeten the ice cream and you can sure tell the difference. Every flavor is made in house and the generously portioned ‘kids’ cone hits the spot perfectly when I have the hankering for some ice cream (which is frequent). You should basically try to visit enough times to try every flavor, but since you have to choose I highly recommend Spicy Mayan Chocolate, the Maple Butter Pecan or the Cookies ‘n’ Cream with a Hint of Mint! Yum (and maybe not terribly unhealthy)! #icecream #gourmet #homemade #alaskagrown
Posted by Frazier Garland
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