The Mills
The Mills pays tribute to the industrial heritage of Hong Kong. Just opened at the end of 2018, it went through nearly 5 years of heavy renovation before opening to the public as a reinvented art space. The Mills was the highest grossing textile factory since the 50s, with 6 different warehouses and factories. In the 90s, manufacturers gradually moved north to China, and The Mills was abandoned. An atrium encased in glass and wrought iron marks the grand entrance of The Mills. The factories have been carefully converted into boutiques and shops, selling locals crafts that pays tribute to its heritage. Walls, gates and tinted windows of the original space have been preserved besides wall stencils that mark ‘no smoking’. The Mills and its exhibitions are free to the public and are open daily. #hongkong #themills #textile #artspace #cultural #historic #factory #free #attraction #history #gallery #art
Posted by Alison Fung
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