Garden Hill
Hong Kong boasts one of the most sparkling nightscapes in the world and Garden Hill in Shek Kip Mei, offers travelers a different perspective of Hong Kong's night scene. Garden Hill shares its name with the building that stands right underneath. Garden is the oldest bread maker in Hong Kong, and in the last decades have supplied biscuits, breads and snacks to its people. The building is quite recognizable from afar, painted completely in white with its signature red logo. A staircase across the road behind Garden Factory leads up to the top. Perched high atop Kowloon, locals venture here for time to be alone. It’s an incredible spot to watch the stillness of the city, while cars and taxis continue to speed past each other at the bottom of the hill. #hongkong #shekkipmei #gardenhill #nightview #nature #trail #cityview #nightscene #todo #free #photography
Posted by Alison Fung
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