Under the Linden Tree
If you’re a lover of soup, then this place is for you. Take a bowl of Begova čorba, a thick creamy slow cooked soup made of vegetables in which chicken meat is cooked, and added to it sour cream for a smooth texture. The restaurant serves a variety of Bosnian treats but a plate of Sogan Dolma, cooked onions stuffed in minced meat and slow cooked in Bosnian sauce and seasonings is a must have. Bosnians serve meat dolma warm, often with a lemon-based sauce and rice dolma at room temperature with a yoghurt-based garlic sauce. Don’t leave without digging into a dessert where walnuts, poached apples, simple syrup and some whipped cream collaborate to make what Bosnian’s call tufahije. If these treats are good enough for legends like Bill Clinton and Robert DeNiro who visited before it should be good for you too !
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