Deer Park
At 45 min train ride from Kyoto is Japan’s first permanent capital city of Heijo. The city today is known as Nara and was established in the year 710. As the political influence of Nara’s powerful Buddhist monasteries grew to become a serious threat to the reigning government, the imperial capital was moved to Nagaoka towards the end of the century and eventually to Kyoto. Due to its past as Japan’s 1st permanent capital, every street, every nook and corner in Nara is full of historic sights. But what’s truly unique about Nara is the Deer park, which is about 5 mins walk once you are out of the Nara Station. This is not really a park park but an open area where thousands of deer roam around. Freely. There are no enclosures and the deer can playfully come in close proximity. You can buy rice crackers from the many street vendors and feed them. This park has been around for over a hundred years. If you fancy interacting with animals in a free atmosphere then you are going to absolutely love this experience. There isn’t much of a choice, you will HAVE to cross the deer park if you are headed to see the Big Buddha #photography #activekids #familyfriendly #playground #park #kidslearning
Posted by Mandavi Jaiswal
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