Nara is also home to some of the biggest temples and statues of Buddha and it is second only to Kyoto for Japanese national treasures. The Todai-ji temple was the head temple of Japan and it became so influential that the Capital City had to be moved out of Nara to Nagaoka, so as to cut down its influence on the government. Today, Todai-ji is a UNESCO World Heritage site and its main hall, the Big Buddha Hall is the largest wooden building of its kind, not only in Japan but in the world. Almost as tall as a modern 15 storey building, the main hall houses a solid statue of Buddha cast in gilt bronze. It amazing to think that the statue itself is as high as 5 storeys. Standing at the foot of the statue and looking up to the Great Buddha is almost hypnotic. You may find it difficult to believe that the present structure is only two thirds of the original temple hall's size built in 743. Outside the temple complex is a replica of the Ashok Chakra , rolling meadows and a large pond. #gallery #art #architecture #statue #park #kidslearning #activekids #funforteens #familyfriendly
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