Dome of the Rock
This is perhaps one of the few landmarks in Jerusalem that doesn't need an address. Dome of the Rock (al-Haram al- Sharif) is a key feature of the Old City that simply can't be missed. The gold coloured dome, donated by the King of Jordan, was originally made of solid gold before being replaced by copper and consequently aluminum, coated in gold leaf. Just imagine this city had all the religious buildings in Jerusalem been wrapped in gold! This shrine, not to be confused with a functioning mosque was built in the seventh century not long after Islam surged out of Mecca. It is considered to be one of the most religious places in the Islamic world and revered by Christians and Jews alike. There is no doubt that this sight is the most photographed spot in the city. Whilst the inside is off limits to anyone but Muslims it can be admired from various angles and proximities throughout the city. Spending a day taking different camera shots of it from the hundreds of streets, balconies and vantage points could be a task in itself. To sum up, it's maybe advised to forget the pomp and politics of trying to enter and to simply take a step back to enjoy the external beauty of a pronounced, world-class monument. #history
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