Buenos Aires Free Walking Tours
There is nothing like a good old Free Walking Tour to get settled once you arrive at a new place. This is a great option not only to locate the most important landmarks in a city but also to learn about the history of the place you’re visiting. In Buenos Aires, there are a couple of organizations to choose from but I can personally vouch for BA Free Tour. It offers two different options, one that covers the downtown and politically relevant places such as the Congress and the Casa Rosada and one that will make you travel back in time to the Belle Epoque on the Recoleta neighborhood. If you have the time try taking both, as they show completely different sides of the same city. These tours while not exactly free, adjust to your budget as they are tip-based, meaning you will collaborate with as much as you can and want to. #free #architecture #photography #freewalkingtour #bafreetour #buenosaires
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