North Hagley Park
A 10 min walk to the west of the Bridge of Remembrance is Hagley Park. Spread over 400 acres, the park was created in 1855. During pre-European era, the local Maori population camped in these swampy plains mainly for fishing. The swamps were subsequently covered by early European settlers to build this park. Popularly known as the lungs of Christchurch, this park stands out both in size and history. Interestingly the city of Christchurch boasts of over 1,000 parks to share with its 3,75,000 residents!! At this park, you can zoom around in bikes or scooters that can be rented. There are numerous play areas for kids, cafes and plenty of ice cream carts especially during summer season. In spring, Hagley Park is a riot of cherry blossom and daffodils while autumn sees mature trees produce a mass of striking colors. Many free evening theatre, cultural festivals and jazz concerts can be enjoyed during summer months at this park. #views #lunch #coffee #familyfriendly #picnics #kidslearning #playground
Posted by Mandavi Jaiswal
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