Astronomical Clock (during lockdown)
In the seventh week of lockdown, Prague without the throng of tourists is a blessing. In a city that receives almost eight million visitors a year, instead, you'll encounter practically empty streets n' squares. Therefore, it lends itself to getting unobstructed photos of architecture and the ability to walk in straight lines! For those currently in Czechia, coming to Prague is a golden opportunity to have one of Europe's most beautiful capitals almost entirely to oneself. The astronomical clock in the old town square (Staroměstské Náměstí), for instance, normally sees lines twenty people thick. In this very spot no one but a lonely gentleman, laden with luggage, was standing waiting for his partner. The somnolent setting of Staroměstské Náměstí holds a tinge of sadness but also hope, as businesses start to slowly reopen. In preparation to the easing of lockdown, owners rearrange signboards and seating in accordance to recent legislation. Only a few dawdling pigeons outnumber people where once busy landmarks such as this, teemed with people. #culture #free #history #sightseeing #clock #square
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