Dayana's experience in Copenhagen
This is a super cozy Danish tapas place. During lunch, they serve the famous smorrebrod which is an open-faced sandwich on rye bread topped with all kinds of good things like roast beef, egg, shrimp, tomatoes, Danish mayo, and more. Their chicken salad made by Chef Ebbesen is amazing as is the homemade bread he makes. A warm slice of sourdough with house butter on top is the best thing in the world. The tapas board is quite elaborate. There are various cheeses including brie, sheep cheese, Danish cheese (surprisingly delicious), there's duck pate, olives, ham from Italy, and toppings like housemade pesto prepared by Chef Nicky. This is an excellent place for dinner. The cocktails made by Noah are delicious (espresso martini), and the wine is carefully selected by the owners who import a large portion of it from Italy. #dinner #cozy #tapas #wine #copenhagen #denmark #lunch #beer
Posted by Dayana
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