Hotel Callisto
I liked this hotel from the moment I walked in and was a perfect final stop to my holiday in Kosovo. It's immaculate and isn't that far to the city centre on foot; fifteen to twenty minutes. The receptionists were polite and helpful in every respect. As for breakfast there were simple buffet options providing enough options for guests to kick start the day. For me the price, and comfort value ranked extremely high; 90 euros for two nights. At the time of writing I can highly recommend staying here if value for money is what you seek. Where it may lack in authentic character it easily makes up for in affordability, comfort and cleanliness. One only unusual aspect about this hotel was how the electricity operates. Connected by an electronic key card reader the only way to turn the bathroom light off is by taking the card out of its socket; disconnecting all other mains. As a result charging other devices overnight is fine provided you close the bathroom door to block out the light in there. #free-wifi #hotel #hotel #breakfast #stay
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