Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice
Tiong Bahru is a quaint neighbourhood not too far from Chinatown (SGD6 with a taxi ride from Chinatown to Tiong Bahru). Tiong Bahru Market never fails with its stalls which even the foreigners love to visit. This neighbourhood is popular with the expat community apparently with art galleries, indie book stores and dainty cafes spread throughout the vicinity. There is this little corner across from the market which supposedly serves the famous curry rice which even the taxi driver has heard of. The stall is abuzz with lunch time crowd with a queue forming at this open-concept hawker stall on this hot afternoon. Curry is a regular dish in Singapore and there are many presentation of this dish. Each ethnic group has their preferred way of cooking this dish and not to mention the different sub-groups within the main ethnic groups will have their differences too. As a true-blue Singaporean, I can have my curry diluted (when cooked with coconut milk), thick (as in Japanese curry), sour (Assam curry), salty or fishy (fish head curry), or accompanied with chicken/potato which is my all-time favourite, with a plain plate of rice anytime! #lunch #local #food #golocal #tiongbahru #quaintneighborhood #curry #foodietour
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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