Heydar Aliyev Int. Airport (Terminal 1 & 2)
Skytrax give Heyday Aliyev Airport a five star rating, the highest possible ranking, and it's easy to see why. The departure lounge is furnished with cafes and restaurants, all shaped like giant wooden cocoons. These snug looking, wooden designs make ideal references to its long standing industry in silk. Birds flit around the airport and restaurants serve fresh coffee morning, noon and night. Named after the country's third president, the airport is not only hip but comfortable and welcoming. Most of the lounges are carpeted. Service is professional and personal touches are apparent when duty free staff take an interest in passengers passing through. Like with the rest of Azerbaijan, locals take a natural interest in knowing where you're from and Heydar Airport is no exception. #airportlounge #terminal #snack #coffee #cafe #breakfast #clothes #gifts
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