Sono Centrum
Sono Centre Music Club is arguably the most reputable venue of its sort in not only Brno but Europe. The entrance resembles a giant golf ball wedged between two convex, glass buildings. On the left is Sono Hotel and to the right a conference centre. Entrance starts at 150 korunas (£6 sterling approx.) and the club whacks on another hundred korunas for V.I.P tickets. This gives you access to the two balcony tiers overlooking the dance floor. Feeling a bit flush that night I went for the V.I.P option. Whilst the dance floor is small, the area around it is spacious. You can shake your booty and knock back drinks from high tables set around it. Behind all the action is a high stage where the DJ mixes recent tracks to fancy lighting and L-Acoustics PA systems. #dancing #open-late #beer #music
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