Merrill Lake Campground
On dnr.wa.gov it states about Merrill Lake Campground: ”This 114-acre site consists of a forest cover of mixed conifers and hardwoods along a lake at the 1,550-foot elevation. Merrill Lake NRCA is prime habitat for birds of prey, including osprey and bald eagles, and is also home to waterfowl such as bufflehead, common goldeneye, and hooded merganser. A regionally popular catch-and-release fly fishing spot, Merrill Lake has a boat launch for small craft (non-gasoline powered) and a nine-site campground. Spring through fall camping—on a first-come first-served basis—is mostly walk-in from the main parking area, with a few sites accessible by vehicle." Tip: Buy a Discover Pass online. You will need the pass when camping or staying for the day at Lake Merrill. The pass will get you into many sites throughout Washington State. #kayaking #flyfishing #camping #washington
Posted by Ingrid McQuivey
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