The Speakeasy
Located in a backwater hallway on the middle floors between the club portion and the rooftop bar of Williwaw. The Speakeasy requires a verbal password to enter and a hearty pounding on the door so the bar tenders can hear you over the chatter of the cozy yet shadowy establishment. To obtain the password pick up the phone inside the phone booth downstairs and prepare to give them your party size. You might have to wait, but going in small groups of 2-3 might speed along wait time. Our password was: “your mother is a hamster”. I had a pour of the sour red ale which packed a punch of deliciousness. My friend had the Moscow Mule which was poured into an oversized copper mug. The Blue Burner is the house’s signature flaming cocktail and tastes something like alcoholic orange spice tea. Kinda hipster, but pretty cool little spot on the whole. #bar #open-late #history #art
Posted by Frazier Garland
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