Lee Carmen's experience in Tokyo
[CLOSED] Tsukiji Market
#sushi #wakeuprealearly #breakfast #japanese #tsukiji #seafood World famous Sushi-Dai and Daiwa sushi usually requires you to queue for hours in the morning. And by morning means 4am. Jump the queue by heading over to Bentomi sushi (one block after Sushi-Dai). Little has been written about it hence the lack of tourists. Perfect. Don't think too much and order the Sakura set (3,800¥). The extra fatty tuna sushi alone is 1,000¥ per piece and you'll get a piece in this set. 15 course sushi + the best miso soup you'll ever taste. Free flow green tea of course. Opens at 6am. If you need to ask what time they close, you can forget about it.
Posted by Lee Carmen
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