Ciel d'Afrique
Going for a hot air balloon ride is an absolute must while in Marrakech. Ciel d'Afrique is the oldest company in Morocco, having operated for 30 years and has a wonderful reputation due to their staff who is extremely attentive. The tour includes breakfast (a buffet of Moroccan bread in 3 different styles, olives, eggs, local mint tea, and coffee). Our balloon had a capacity of 6 and was very comfortable and safe. The basket is plush and cozy, providing extra support. Our pilot, Pierre had a great sense of humor and was a true professional. The ride lasts for about 60-70 minutes. You will enjoy sweeping views of the Atlas mountains and the arid countryside lined by palm trees and olive gardens. Since the weather conditions are so favorable, you can go ballooning 350 days out of the year. #morocco #marrakech #cieldafrique #balloon
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